Fr. Sorin dies


University founder Fr. Sorin died on the eve of All Saints’ Day, October 31, 1893 at the age of 79. He died peacefully in the arms of Fr. John Zahm after years of physical suffering from Bright’s Disease, a decline that followed the celebration of his golden jubilee as priest in 1888. The University mourned his death and gathered for a large funeral celebration on Nov. 11. Scholastic said: “The grand representation of the clergy, friends and former students, who gathered to pay the last tribute of respect to the distinguished dead, did honor to themselves, and was consoling to the spiritual children of the departed Superior, testifying, as it did, to the general appreciation of his worth.”

Archbishop Elder of Cincinnati gave the homily.

“I do not think that in all our country, nor in any other country, there is a place where one single man has transformed a savage wilderness into such a city of material splendor, intellectual culture, and spiritual life as this University of Notre Dame,” Archbishop Elder said. “This grand temple of God, with its majestic proportions, its soul-moving decorations; this altar of the living Sacrifice, enriched with all that art and skill could lay out upon it — these are the creations of his genius animated by his zeal for the glory of God. This University around us with its numerous grand buildings — each one of them itself a monument of which any man might well be proud — these spacious halls of science equipped with all the best appliances of the age, these are but some of the material monuments of his ability and untiring labor.”