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Notre Dame at 175: A Visual History

The year 2017 marks the 175th anniversary of the founding of the University of Notre Dame. To celebrate this milestone, Charles Lamb and Elizabeth Hogan, both photograph archivists for the university, have chosen 175 images that illustrate the evolution of campus culture and its physical environment. Each image is accompanied by a caption explaining why it is historically and artistically significant. Important pieces of Notre Dame’s rich history are highlighted, along with depictions of everyday life on the beautiful campus. The result is Notre Dame at 175: A Visual History, a stunning large-format collection of full-color photographs and images that bring to life the history of Notre Dame's beloved campus. Lamb and Hogan have taken care to find images that have not been featured in previous pictorial collections; even longtime and diehard Notre Dame fans will find new and unexpected images here.

Notre Dame at 175: A Visual History is available through the Notre Dame Press

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Notre Dame Magazine: 175 and Counting

The Summer 2017 edition of Notre Dame Magazine features in-depth reporting on well known - and lesser known - figures and events in Notre Dame history. From chronicling Fr. Sorin's journey in vivid detail to University neighbor Thomas Bulla's role as Underground Railroad Stationmaster, the Magazine lends its trademark reporting and narrative style to a thorough recounting of the University's 175 years.






The University of Notre Dame's official Instagram account is commemorating the 175th anniversary with weekly "throwback Thursday" posts sharing photos from the Notre Dame Archives and other collections to tie the University's history to present-day-life on campus.

Street car running down Notre Dame Avenue
The Old Fieldhouse
Father Hesburgh on God Quad

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